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SpectreSubZero reviews Star Trek: Legacy (X360)

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SpectreSubZero said...

Aight lets start with the first fact, "I'm a huge Star Trek fan...not a Trekkie...but huge fan!" (IF YOU ARE A TREKKIE READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE YOU BUY THIS GAME)

Now I've played every Star Trek game from the first computer one that was less than a Megabyte in size, to the NES and Gameboy/Gamegear, to Star Trek Armada and this one. I can go on forever on a list of Star Trek games out there. I was really looking forward to this game, but sadly I have to say this is one of the worst of them all...and yet I can't stop playing it. So here is the breakdown:

[u]Graphics (4/10)[/u] This is being a little generous. The ship detail and graphics are pretty good...and that is it. The space graphics, planets, and etc. just plain suck! Hate to say it, but it's true. Quite often there are graphics glitches to go along with their suckiness. And destroying ships just plain looks like garbage. Also you can play bumper cars with the ships out there and nothing happens, no damage, nothing.

[u]Controls (3/10)[/u] Considering you have to control multiple ships I see how this can be hard coming up with a control system. Although telling your ships where to go and selecting them really isn't hard...they don't always do what you say lol! You tell your ship to destroy and asteroid in (X) location and your ship goes into warp in the complete opposite direction. Flying your ship isn't that bad, it just can be glitchy when you want to go vertically through space rather than horizontally. Also when you get around planets your ship goes into Spaz mode sometimes and your controls don't respond very well.

[u]Story Mode (2/10)[/u] Very Very short. The Next Generation era only has 5 missions; which is probably the era you want to play most! There are 15 missions in the game total. You can seriously blow through campaign on Ensign difficulty in just a few hours. Admiral difficulty is almost impossible. Some people have done it, but you better have a lot of patience and like playing "cat and mouse" for about 100 hours. The storyline pretty much bit. I think a 12 yr old Trekkie with a type writer wrote the script. I have no earthly idea why all the actors from the Shows/Movies actually did the voices for this game.

[u]Online Play (5/10)[/u] It's OK. This first couple times are fun, then it gets to be the same old thing. There is always some Jack Knob who picks the Borg. Not many people play online anymore if ever in the past. Not many maps to choose from either.

[u]Sound Quality (4/10)[/u] They definitely could have done more sound wise. No red alert sound, no "all hands abandon ship", no chatter between anyone on the ship, like an engineer screaming "I just can't do it Captain...I don't...have...the power!" You get the phaser and torpedo sounds, and the sound of your ship getting torpedoed, and that's it.

[u]Ship Variety (10/10)[/u] There is a great variety of ships to choose from. You can play multiplayer as Star Fleet, Klingon, Romulan, or Borg.

So overall I give a[u] 2 out of 5 stars[/u]. Only because I am a fan. If you are not a Star Trek fan, avoid this game...you may use the disc as a coaster or Frisbee! The achievements are worth a good amount of points, only because everyone put it in their console then returned it!

Suggested Retail Value: $6.99 - $9.99

Actual Retail Value: $19.99


This only recently went down to $19.99. A month ago it was $29.99. Regardless, it is overpriced and not a lot of bang for your buck.

Game Traits applied to Star Trek: Legacy (X360) by SpectreSubZero

  • The Setting:
    Star Trek universe, Space
  • Playing As:
    Federation, Starfleet captain
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    spaceship combat, RTS
  • General Tone:
Star Trek: Legacy

Star Trek: Legacy (X360)

Genre/Style: Strategy/Action Strategy
Release Date: 14/DEC/06
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